Thursday, August 11, 2005


Black and Red

Let's take a look at my Betta tanks today! :)

Currently, I am looking after 2 bettas at my office. 1 of them is red and I had him for more than 2 years. The other is black and I had been for more than a year.

Currently, Red is housed in a candy bowl and Black is housed in a half-footer that I bought at one petshow @Expo (not Aquarama!). The candy bowl was bought from a shop that is closing down.

No filtration and no water changes. Only natural nutrient absorbers used in the form of houseplants, Hygrophila sp. and algae. The bettas are fed Tetra's BettaMin once a day or 2. Sometimes on long weekends, they are not fed for 3-4 days! However, if I am on holiday, I will teach my colleague how much to feed them. :)

Will be giving Black away soon as I might not have place to keep both tanks soon... Hope he will like the new owner... Will be conducting lessons on how to keep him alive and happy soon! :)

Ok, enough words for today... Pictures:

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