Thursday, March 16, 2006


Cannot have new fish tank...

Well, found out the new desk is weak (supported only on one end!!) and being inside a lab, no animals would be allowed... It was not stated but I think I better dun take the risk... :/

Some updates... My vivarium had been torn down, and left sitting on a chair... waiting for a 2ft cabinet to arrive. I am re-vamping the vivarium... But unfortunately, I cannot get an electrician in until the cabinet is here and the cabinet is taking a very long time... :/ Some of the plants I had bought previously had died off... probably from lack of proper lighting...

Oh, I managed to take out 1 paddletailed newt... The other one was hiding and now it went missing... Dunno died or not... :/

My gobies were dying... So, I decided to let them join my Endler's Livebearers... Just hope they will like the algae to graze and dun snack on the Endler fries! :/

Ok lah... That's all for the moment... May I show you this flower... It is a flower of the aquatic plant, Blyxa japonica (shown below). Flower stalks were seen underwater and suddenly, the plant floated up and it flowers... Think the fish and shrimps could have caused the plant to float. The flower stalk would had died off underwater...

Friday, March 10, 2006


Endler's Livebearer

I just added 120 Endler's Livebearers to the new tank... Eh... Luckily, the tank does not look overcrowded!! :p There are 48 females, 39 males and 33 fries... And serveral of the females look pregnant! *Yikes!*...

1 of the Endler's Livebearer male... Nice? :) The females are plain silver... 1 of my females have ablue patch on the dorsal fin! I hope she has more babies... The fish from her might look better... :)

1 pair of these fish can cost anything from $9 to $40 at the shops, depending on the colours... Should I consider selling some of the pairs? :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


New excuse for a new tank... :p

With more work commitment, I am expected to spend more than half the time at another location... Which means a new desk, which is empty now... :p

With me seeking to decommission a 18cm tank at home to consolidate the fish tanks in my room, I think I just found the PERFECT excuse to start a new tank... Haha... At the new desk! :p

Now... Should it be a moss tank? And what fish should I try? Can it handle a group of Endlers? Hmm... My Endler's (with wild guppy coloration) just spawned and I have no space for them... And I just brought back 120 Orange-Chest Endlers, for my new 2ft tank, from a friend who looked after the original 4 pairs just a couple of months ago... *Faintz*... Now suddenly I have too many fish! :p

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Fish tank affecting Feng Shui?

Do you think fish tanks can really affect a room's Feng Shui?

Since I filled the new 2ft tank with water and shifted the vivarium (temporarily) to the foot of my bed, I had not been sleeping well... And I seem to be plagued with troubles... Hmm...

I think it might be the temporary position of the vivarium tank, rather than the new tank... I always have tanks where the 2ft sits... The vivarium, however, is a different story... It does create a reflection of the bed from where it is sitting now... I hope the cabinets arrive soon... Then I can shift the vivarium... Hopefully I can get a better sleep thereafter! And less troubles! :p

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Cherry Shrimps

I got new cherry shrimps for my new tank...

They look gorgeous, eh?... :p

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