Monday, November 28, 2005


New Camera... :p

Heh heh... Bought a new camera... I almost fainted when I pay, of course!... But heck, it is a good investment... :)

So, I begin playing with it after charging the batteries... Took some of the pics of my animals... Here are some... Will be playing and exploring the camera for the next few weeks... Then after I get the intended lens for fish photography... Haha!... Ok, besides getting poorer, I will be able to take MUCH better pics of my plants and animals! :)

Paddle Tailed Newt:

Land hermit Crab:

I learnt one thing straight away... It is VERY important to keep the tank glass VERY clean if I am going to be shooting the stuff inside! All the watermarks can be seen very clearly! :p

This was how the pics looked like...

I am quite glad I made the investment!... :)

Monday, November 21, 2005


More updates...

Hmm... It had been a week... So, more updates. :)

The 4 feet tank had to undergo more scaping... Apparently, after adding more plants, it looked a little unbalanced... Was advised to balance it up and I agreed... Need to do plant shopping... Again!... :p

The shrimps in the shrimp tank decide to perform a disappearing act... Hmm... Some of the shrimps seem to almost disappeared... Maybe they are hiding... Shrimps can hide very well... Appearing out of nowhere when it is feeding time...

I was going to give away my 3 female bettas and 1 khuli loach from my office tank and then convert it to a shrimp tank to make use of the low water temperature and the low maintenance of a shrimp tank... But my colleagues decide the bettas are too fierce... I agreed... Well, no choice, got to keep the bettas... Now I need to look for more female bettas to reduce the bullying from the dominant one... Also searching for suitable small wood or rocks to scape... It looks like a plant warehouse now as the plants I would like to use are just sitting/floating around all over the tank... VERY messy!...

Hoping to have a custom built cabinet made before CNY and then can have a new and bigger tank for the newts and frog... Can't wait... :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Shrimp tank revealed... :)

Tada... Revealing the shrimp tank that I was refering to... :)

Tank Specs:
1ft x 1ft x 1ft tank, no CO2, hang on filter
Lighting was for a 16" tank
dosing Seachem Flourish, Seachem Potassium, Seachem Excel and Tetra Florapride once in a while...

Limnophilia sessiflora
Hemianthus micranthemoides (MM)
Hydrocotyle leucocephala (pennywort)
Eleocharis acicularis (hairgrass)
Echinodorus tenellus

Marsilea sp.
Java moss
Taiwan moss
Marimo ball
Limnobium sp. (Frogbit)

Red-nose shrimps
Cherry shrimps
Crystal red shrimps
Diamond shrimps
Blue shrimps
Bee shrimps
Snails (horned and red ramshorn snails)

I love this Marsilea plant as it looks like a 4-leaved clover... :)

The shrimps like to hide and usually only appear en masse when feeding... :p

Thursday, November 10, 2005


A sneak preview...

Heh heh... Realised I promised my shrimp pics but didn't post it yesterday... So, here's a sneak preview of it...

It is not really ready yet. The Endler's had all perished in the massacre, not a baby remained... So, I decided to just have shrimps...

Did a Taiwan moss carpet, adjusted the rocks a bit, removed the wood, shifted some plants, planted some Marsilea sp. (which looked like a 4-leaved clover) and added some more shrimps... :)

Currently having some Euro or Willow moss tied to some steel mesh meant for office tank (which will ALSO be converted to a shrimp tank to make use of the cold water temperature)...

Fauna in this tank is CRS, Diamonds, Bees, Cherries and Red-nose shrimps as well as red ramshorn and zebra-horned snails... Once the Euro moss is moved out, I will post take more pics and post full-scale... :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Updates, updates, read all about it...


Arrgh!... The whole update was deleted JUST before I was about to copy the text and publish... Dunno how it happened... Got to re-write... *Grr...*...

Ok, it had been more than 1 week since I last posted... Today no pics but allow me to post some updates:

1) The office female betta tank was a disaster... The water was too cold (~21C) and the females all kena ich (white spot) over a weekend... Suspect it all started from a poor smaller one who was attacked viciously by her tankmates... Anyway, only 3 of the 7 survived, together with the khuli loach... They are all of the wild colouration... Still pretty, though. Will be giving them to a colleague now that they had been aclimatised to the cold water and recovered completely from the white spot... They are now very curious... And always trying to pick a fight among themselves... Very lian-like... :) Will convert the tank to a shrimp tank to make use of the cold water temperature... Yes, I am very much into shrimps now... :)

2) 1 CFB newt went into hiding in my vivarium... Think it probably escaped thru an opeing at the back caused by the warping of the acrylic tank cover... If it does not appear soon, it will probably dehydrate or starved to death... The remaining 2 CFBs and 2 PTs are very contented with their home...

3) My reed frog is growing well... I am feeding it 3 mealworms every 2-3 days now... Previously, I used to place 3 worms in a bowl and it will take 1 every 1-2 days and then accidentally drown the rest, wasting the worms' lives... Now it takes all... I feel like rescuing another 2 more reeds, but too lazy to buy tuibifex daily as the young reeds need to be fed daily and I cannot find small emalworms or pin-head crickets for them... Will see how... :p

4) I got more plants... :) 1 quite unusual... The leaves like 4 leaved clover... Very pretty... Will be planting in my 4footer... Will post pics when ready...

Ok lah, tired of writing... third time liao... better dun write too much! :oops:... Will post pics next time... :)

Thanks for reading! See ya!...

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