Monday, August 08, 2005


Hermit Crab Tank

First day in office after 2 weeks away... Man! Really tiring... :)

Ok, searched my picture folder, have some pictures to share again. This time is my hermit crab tank. It is a 16" (hmm... or is it 18"??) tank that I had created a land area and a small pool. At first I had 8 crabs but it was gradually reduced to only 1! Seems they fight over shells... Mind you, I had plenty of empty shells for them but they still pull each other out of their shells... Maybe they are territorial... Can't seem to upload the pics of the older tank setup... Dunno why...

Anyway, there is no water filtration and I had been unsuccessful in introducing fish... Bettas died, Darios died... I gave up!... In the end, tubifex worms and cyclops (or are they daphnia??) took over the water area... In fact think my betta was scared to death by the hermit suddenly moving into the water!!

The hermits (now 1 hermit only) dun like the water and struggle to climb up as soon as they accidentally hit the water (They test the water first with their feet and then plunge in! Ok, they dun plunge, they climb in... :p). The hermit now spends 99% of its time on land. It will climb to as high and dry a place as it can! Sometimes, it can be found on the plants... Currently, I have nanas and crypts emersed and an algae ball submersed. Also have a couple of small terrestrial plants but they are not doing very well! :p

I feed it the Hikari crab cruisine... It seems to love it. Said to be vegetarian, it never touch the green peas and cabbage leaf I left in the tank... After a while, some small flies start to grow from no where! I now swear by cooking veges thoroughly before eating! :)

After a while the flies are getting VERY irritating to view and I introduced 3 frogs in the tank. Rescued the frogs from the feeder frogs in some shop. The flies were gone but the biggest frog also ate the smallest!! *Yikes!!* They are now at a 'Frog Hostel' temporarily when I was at reservist They are waiting for me to pick them back soon. :) Heard they had put on weight and grown! Ahh!! I actually didn't get to see them grow up!... *Sob!* No pictures of them taken yet! Will do so when I get them back from the 'hostel'! :p

Accompanying the animals are a couple of newts! They are absolutely cute! Had a hard time coaxing them to eat... Took pics but canot download them from my digital cam at the moment... Something is wrong with my laptop and I dunno where I place the software to download the pics...

Anyway, more pictures of the tank a couple of months back:

Enjoy! :)

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