Thursday, August 18, 2005


I am back!

If you had guessed right, I was at Taipei, Taiwan. Or as some people might say, Taipei, ROC.

Anyway, no chance to download my pics... Reached Changi almost midnight and had to go to work today. So, will post something about my holiday some other day. Of course, they will be of aquatic stuff... :)

Maybe some updates then... Most of the aquatic life is well, despite my missing for 5 days. As my colleague put it, so much for loyal pets, they dun even show any signs of missing me!! Haha...

However, there ARE some casualties... The swordtails with my Ikan Jelawat (sultan fish) were all gone... Dunno why... None survived! Hmm... No, dun think the sultans ate the swordtails... The cardinals are still affected by the ich and the cherry barb population seemed to have decreased... Plants are doing fine, though... Even the Hygrophila Diformis in the sultan fish tank! Now that's rare... :)

Ok, enough of boring yadas... Will try to download the pics today and then post on my holiday after that!

See you then! :)

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