Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Shopping Spree 2

Finally done with the Taipei installments. :) No pictures today… That’ll have to be another day!

Did a shopping spree... again... This was done last Saturday... I started after noon at Jurong West, collecting a Venus Flytrap that I had ordered for my vivarium. I then decided to proceed to C328 to sell some of my Java Moss that I had harvested when I tear down my moss tank.

At C328, I bought myself 3 wild bettas that Auntie just recieved and 2 snails whose shells look like some UFOs... Rather cute looking... I also picked up an impeller for my Ehiem external filter that broke down earlier on (making me feel quite distressed as I was also rather sick then)... and a digital thermometer for my vivarium tank.

After almost an hour at the shop, I proceeded to KS situated at Havelock Rd. It was my second visit to this LFS. The first being just the night before! And just before their closing time some more. :) I was pleasantly surprised at the plant and shrimp stock that they had and bought myself some bee shrimps and a sparkling gourami. I bought myself some rocks too… Will be using them in a 1ft cube shrimp tank that I had intended to place in my new office. The staff are friendly and I think I will be back… They have nice crypts on sale too… And APP too! Keke…

I walked down the block and saw another LFS. It looked rather new and it must be a new kid on the block… Good luck to the shop as new LFS doesn’t seem to do very well these couple of years… The shop looks clean and it carries several different fish that one will seldom see in other shops. I couldn’t resist and bought myself 2 Dario Dario and 9 pygmy corys. The corys are very cute! Now I know why so many people in the forums love them! :)

Carrying all those bags of water, I made my way north to TPY, where I will be meeting a friend who’s giving me his fish as he is concentrating on Endler’s Livebearers now… After dinner, I was carrying so many bags of fish, shrimps, plants, aquarium accessories and decorative pieces that I look like a mobile fish shop!!

Thinking whether I should be returning home, I suddenly thought that since I am at TPY, I might as well visit the 2 shops at Balestier… So I made my way to NA and Colourful Tropical Aquarium (CTA). I saw the sparkling gouramis flare at each other at CTA and I immediately regret not buying 1 more at KS. Uncle at CTA says his sparklings not for sale as the tank they are in are too densely planted. True lah... I wouldn't want to destroy the plants by chasing the fish with a net!

Ended up buying red-nose shrimps, zebra shrimps, Malayan shrimps and a block of pelia on wood! I was so tempted to buy the green red-nose that NA was carrying… Uncle showed me the shrimps, proudly stating that they are the only ones carrying it. The shrimps look pretty and not that expensive… But my shrimp tank is already going to be over loaded with shrimps and fish! (Yes… Will have fish in my shrimp tank as no other places for them… Yet, that is! Until I find time to re-scape my 4ft tank…)

So, by the time I really make my way home, it was almost 8pm! I had spent almost 8 hours shopping for fish! And I had spent so much money… And I had to spend a couple of hours when I returned home to put the plants and animals in place!

Worse thing is? My BIG newt decided that the new guppy and wild betta were food for her! They disappeared over night! Now she is residing in a separate tank… alone with a yamato shrimp that I think she had had for dinner liao by now… *Sigh*… But now that she’s out of the vivarium, my other smaller newts are more daring to move in the water… My job now is to find her a new responsible owner…

Ok ok… Enough of my mumblings. Next postings should be on my new tanks and updates of the old tanks! See ya! :)

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