Saturday, August 06, 2005


Shopping spree!

Today I went Siao! Keke... I went on a shopping spree.

I started out in the morning and made my way from Jurong West to AMK to collect a tub of Pelia. After that I went to Serangoon Gardens and bought some fish. Since I had went all the way from Jurong to that area, I decided to look see the fish shops of Serangoon North. Keke... It was fun! :) I ended up buying a Java fern on driftwood rather cheaply, a pot of crypt and a piece of driftwood... and I had seen so many plants and fish... Haha... Made up for the 'lost time' during the 2 weeks of reservist... Hehe... Wanted so much to buy fish! But I had to control myself... Need to rescape the tanks first before buying more fish... :)

I then went to a fish shop at Tanjong Pagar and lastly, to Gratiola at Cantoment Rd to look see the new fish they had. Nice schooling fish there. Met up a fellow AQ (See link on side bar) forummer (is there such a word? Keke... :)) and we had a good time chatting... By the time I left it was 6pm! I wanted so much to go to Beauty World and C328 but I was so tired. Still suffering from lack of sleep during reservist... Keke... :p

Went home and start to 'work'... Had not tied the pelia, just decided to 'dump' them in my 4footer and my moss tank for the time being. Will tie the pelia when I am doing my re-scape work. My cherries seem to love the pelia... They are crowding the pelia in my moss tank and they still are at this moment. :) Glad they like it...

Want to take pics but got problem downloading the pics from my camera... Hmm!... Well, the pics can wait... :)

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