Sunday, August 21, 2005


Taipei - Part 2

I am not feeling very well... Dun think will post daily for the next few days...

Anyway, this is part 2 of my Taipei 'installment'... Keke... Ok, where was I... I mentioned Huasi Street Night Market... Since I am not feeling very well and dun wanna type too much, let's talk about another night market, the RaoHe Night Market.

The RaoHe Night Market is almost similar to the Huasi Street... minus the porn, that is! Haha... But there are also aquatic creatures on sale here... along side small mammals like hamsters and rabbits. I also saw pythons on sale! *Yikes!* The fish stall looks more 'professional' than the ones at Huasi Street... But it is still very simple as they are mobile (the owners have to shift EVERYTHING home (or to a warehouse) when the night mart closes and then shift everything back when the night mart starts around 5-6pm). They also have a 'fish-a-terrapin' game... Think you get to keep the terrapins you fish up... Like the fishing game we saw at Huasi Street Night Market.

Also saw another aqautic creature on sale... But it is more unfortunate... It is deep fried when on sale! Keke... The special there seems to be deep fried crab and crab legs... They are not found anywhere else...

Ok, really not feeling well, going to sleep liao. Pics:

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