Sunday, August 28, 2005


Taipei - Part 5 (Final)

Hmm... Should this be the last installment? :)

When I was in Taipei, I like to use their MRT to move around, the people seem to be very polite when using public transport, like using one side of the escalators, waiting for people to alight from the trains before getting on it... Little gestures we don't see here...

But this time, I was even more delighted. :) There were 2 6ft-planted tanks being displayed at Taipei Main Station! One is a planted tank with angelfish and the other a nana-planted tank for Malawi cichlids... Very nice... Seems like the planted scene is really growing in Taiwan...

Nice? :)

Too bad I don't have the chance to see the LFSs at Taipei! Think will see more stuff! Maybe I'd make the effort to look see the next time I am there...

Ok, I promised to talk about fake aquatic creatures, right? Keke... Saw these at Ximen Ding, the hip place of Taipei... Think they are direct imports from Japan, very cute and cool at the same time. The fish tanks are actually candles!

Oh, this entry will take a long time to publish! Haha... Wanna make this the last Taipei installment. :)

At Ximen Ding, there is a teahouse named 'Yu Wo', or Fish Nest... Don't have the chance to check the place out... Hopefully I can pop by the next time I visit the city... :) Hopefully, there will be fish tanks inside! Keke...

Lastly, I just wanna post this pic... It's a crayfish... But not in a tank, but in a hotpot! I think I will just keep the crayfish as an aquatic pet... It really dun taste good!

Ok! That wraps up my 'report' of my aquatic encounters at Taipei! :)

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