Friday, August 05, 2005


Wee... Back at home liao! :)

Finally! Out processed this evening... Let me see... Where did I put the tank pics... Ok, I am posting the pictures of my 4ft tank before the current scape. It is a little bit messy, I'd admit. There is another scape between this one and the first but I found only 2 of the pictures .

The swordplant in the middle started out as a 4-5" specimen and it just grew and grew and grew! I did not expect the plant to grow to that big! I also did not expect the dwarf swords and the saggis to grow that big and wild! Soon thereafter, runners were everywhere and the tank is FULLY planted! My Java moss also grew so much, there was moss almost everwhere on the tank floor, in between the plants...
More pics some other time! I will show this tank's current scape as well as my other tanks. :)

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