Monday, September 26, 2005



Spent the Saturday at Pasir Ris Farmway again. :)

Went to the Cattery to take pictures of my sponsored cats, Speedy and Siti (translation, cos never ask how to spell their names)... I love the cats... They are so cute, so manja... Meowing all the time when I was there... :) Wish I am able to be there daily! But the Cattery is situated at Pasir Ris... the other end of the island for me!... Dun even think I can be there once a month! :( Anyway, anyone reading this and into cats, please go to Metta Cattery's website to learn more on how to help these cats. :)



Ok, ok... back to aquatic stuff... :)

After snapping the pics of the cats, I decided to go shopping at the farms again... :) Picked up some newts for my vivarium... But think a couple was bullied into hiding among the thick vegetation by the older newts... Wanna 'rescue' them but cannot find them among the vegetation... :(

You can see one of the older newts in this pic... :)

Anyway, took some pics of the plant farm that I went in hope of finding some hairgrass for my new scape for the 4ft tank. No stock that day... :( Wasted trip... But anyway, took some pics for those interested to know how the farm looked like:

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