Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The great give-away season

I finally started my re-scaping of my 4ft tank!... Gave away the HUGE sword plant to this guy who has a 6ft tank. Talk about wow and envy! :) But the new owner's wife doesn't like the plant and he informed me the plant is residing at another 4ft tank now...

I am also starting to give away a lot of the plants that are not in the new scape to several guys who needed them... There are also several loaches to let go... I also bought a new PL light to increase the wattage per gallon of water. Then I can really begin to re-scape the tank! Yes!...

I am also shifting office by the end of month... So, I gave up my 2 betta tanks... Gave them to fellow colleagues... :) They loved the 2 fish... So, I am comforted that they are well loved. :) Really the great give-away season eh?... :)

This is how the tank looks like before the re-scaping... The tank in its 4th look. :)

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