Sunday, September 18, 2005


Hot! Hot! Hot! Of cats and fish...

Went to Pasir Ris Farmway 2 today!... Man, it sure is hot today!!!

It had been years since I went to that part of Pasir Ris... That super ulu part of Singapore... Actually not that ulu lah!... :) ALOT of people there leh... So many farms there, fish farms, dog farms... So many animals to see...

I actually was there to look at cats... Wanted to sponsor a cat or 2 from the Metta Cattery... They are in need of volunteers, donations, adoptions and sponsorships... I thought since I was there, I might as well see as many farms as I can! :) For those who are interested in cats, please refer to their website at:

After looking at the CUTE cats, I decided to sponsor 2 of them. If I didn't remember wrongly, they are the one-eyed Siti and a fat Speedy... :) VERY manja... Speedy was just staring at me and practically begging for me to bring her down from a sink! Haha... She then followed me all the way after I let her down... Siti was lying around but will look at me when I walk pass her... She was even nibbling my hand! *Ouch!*... :) Now waiting for the nice lady-in-charge to confirm and maybe formalize the sponsorship. Too bad I couldn't can't have them at home! Keke...

After that I went to the fish farms. There are SO many to look at and explore... Had not been walking for so long under the HOT sun!! Already walked from the bus stop to the farmway 2 and then was walking from that to Farmway 3! But ended up buying almost anything but fish! Haha... Should have bought those lampeyes! :)

Anyway, I was SO hot and dehrdrated after that! Started going to the Cattery around 3pm and finally caught a cab to go back at almost 7pm! More than 3 hours in that scorching sun... I am so tanned now... But *sigh*... only those skin exposed! Haha... Now the body still feels very hot!

Don't think I will go back unless I am driving! Haha...

how much does it cost to sponsor a cat at Metta? and is it indefinite?
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