Thursday, September 01, 2005


Ornamental shrimps

After discovering there are other ornamental shrimps other than Yamato shrimps (actually not very ornamental), I start to develop an interest in the cherry shrimps, primarily because of their potential to become cherry red.

I started to keep a small colony if them in my Java moss tank. They thrived and even had babies! The shrimplets were very small and were all over the tank. There were fish in the tank but it was so heavily planted with Java moss that the shrimplets have a very good chance of surviving predation.

The old moss tank

After I tear down the moss tank to make way for a bigger vivarium, I flooded the original smaller and very simple vivarium and tried to convert it to a shrimp tank. I also decided to try more ornamental shrimps.

So, in the tank, I placed red-nose shrimps, blue shrimps, bee shrimps and zebra shrimps. They all look very ornamental, indeed! All very pretty and cute. But mind you, they are rather sensitive... I'd lost a good percentage of them over the weeks of introducing them. You can check the links mentioned on the left column for pictures and information on the shrimps mentioned above. The cherries are very red... especially the females, the red-nose had long red noses, the blue shrimps are very dark ion colour, the zebras had beautiful little black stripes on its white body and the bee shrimps look like diamond shrimps with broad dark and light segments.

Cherry shrimps

Red-nose shrimps
Bee shrimps

The black and white segmented diamond shrimps are many times more expensive than the bees! But the most expensive would be the Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS)! Good graded shrimps can be bought at $50 a piece!! But they are VERY beautiful...
My tank is currently kept at a temperature of 26.5C-30C depending on whether the airconditioning is switched on. This kind of fluctuation would have killed the expensive and sensitive CRS!... Can only consider keeping them in office... where the airconditioning would keep the tank temperature down and stable...
Will be trying to see if I can add Malayan shrimps (which can turn rather brown), green shrimps or green red-nose shrimps (they are actually green!) and the fan shrimps... Keke... The tank is going to be overcrowded!
The flora now include MM, pelia, Java moss, APP (floating now), hairgrass, pennywort and Hygrophila Polysperma. Rather messy... No time to scape.
The fauna used to be just shrimps and the mosquito rasbora, either the Boraras urophthalmoides or Boraras brigittae. Eventually, however, I start to add fish to the shrimp tank! Well, I guess its a natural thing for most aquarist... this buying of new fish behaviour! :) I am now looking forward to re-scaping my 4ft tank so the fish in this shrimp tank can be transferred over... Cos my cherry babies are gone! :( Afterall, fish eat small animals that fit into their mouths and the shrimplets are small!
Some of the other fish now include the pygmy cory, sparkling gourami, Dario dario and this, Stiphodon elegans:

Ending pic: The shrimp tank about 2 weeks ago.

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