Sunday, October 30, 2005


4footer's scape completed! Yay... :)

The new wood for the scape sank and I can finally complete the new scape of my 4footer... :)

I've also added some plants and animals... The bioload now is:

Java moss
Taiwan moss
Marimo ball
Fissiden sp. (dying)
Vallisneria sp.
Hemianthus micranthemoides (MM)
Hydrocotyle leucocephala or Cardamine lyrata(pennywort)
Eleocharis vivipara (long hairgrass)
Eleocharis acicularis (hairgrass)
Elatine triandra (APP)
Echinodorus tenellus
Echinodorus x barthii (I think or could be Echinodorus 'Red Rubin')
Crytocoryne wendtii var.
Crytocoryne x willisii
Limnobium sp. (frogbits, floating plant, removed for phototaking)
Rotala sp. (Still dunno which species it is...)
Hottonia sp. (Dunno which species it is also...)

I want to add a red Ludwigia sp. eg Ludwigia arcuata for something more red than the Rotala sp. I have now...

Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, Black skirt tetra (~10x), ~3yrs old - still spawning time to time
Puntius titteya, Cherry barb (~12x), ~1-2yrs old, never seen them spawn
Paracheirodon axelrodi, cardinal tetra (~25x), ~2yrs old
Betta splendens, Siamese fighting fish, 1x female, ~3yrs old, tank police woman... Dun play play ah...
Crossocheilus siamensis, SAE (2x), bigger one often turn yellowish (breeding dress?)Nannostomus sp., pencilfish (at least 2 types, ~10 golden and 1 three-lined), golden pencil spawned several times in old setup, often see 1,2 small pencils...
Aplocheilichthys normani, lampeye (3x), will be adding more...
Melanotaenia praecox, dwarf rainbowfish (1x)
Otocinclus sp. (~4x)
Dario dario (17x)
Corydorus sp. (1x)
Corydoras hastatus (19x)
Boraras bridgitae (~12-15x)
Stiphodon elegans, a algae eating goby (1x)
Trichopsis pumila, sparkling gourami (6x)
Yamato shrimps (~6x)
Red-nose shrimps (~6x), will be adding more...
Snails (horned and zebra) (>10x), found some small ramhorns and pouch snails...

Left side:

Right side:

Now the scape is almost complete liao!... Probably add a little more plants here and there and then do a final touchup... Then can invite some people to take picturs of it professionally... :)

Next time I will post the ex-Endler's tank that is now a shrimp tank... See ya! :)

Your "Valley" looks a little lopsided... more on the left would look good IMO.
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