Monday, November 21, 2005


More updates...

Hmm... It had been a week... So, more updates. :)

The 4 feet tank had to undergo more scaping... Apparently, after adding more plants, it looked a little unbalanced... Was advised to balance it up and I agreed... Need to do plant shopping... Again!... :p

The shrimps in the shrimp tank decide to perform a disappearing act... Hmm... Some of the shrimps seem to almost disappeared... Maybe they are hiding... Shrimps can hide very well... Appearing out of nowhere when it is feeding time...

I was going to give away my 3 female bettas and 1 khuli loach from my office tank and then convert it to a shrimp tank to make use of the low water temperature and the low maintenance of a shrimp tank... But my colleagues decide the bettas are too fierce... I agreed... Well, no choice, got to keep the bettas... Now I need to look for more female bettas to reduce the bullying from the dominant one... Also searching for suitable small wood or rocks to scape... It looks like a plant warehouse now as the plants I would like to use are just sitting/floating around all over the tank... VERY messy!...

Hoping to have a custom built cabinet made before CNY and then can have a new and bigger tank for the newts and frog... Can't wait... :)

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