Monday, November 28, 2005


New Camera... :p

Heh heh... Bought a new camera... I almost fainted when I pay, of course!... But heck, it is a good investment... :)

So, I begin playing with it after charging the batteries... Took some of the pics of my animals... Here are some... Will be playing and exploring the camera for the next few weeks... Then after I get the intended lens for fish photography... Haha!... Ok, besides getting poorer, I will be able to take MUCH better pics of my plants and animals! :)

Paddle Tailed Newt:

Land hermit Crab:

I learnt one thing straight away... It is VERY important to keep the tank glass VERY clean if I am going to be shooting the stuff inside! All the watermarks can be seen very clearly! :p

This was how the pics looked like...

I am quite glad I made the investment!... :)

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