Friday, December 30, 2005


KLCC Aquaria

Was at KL recently and visited their Underwater World at KLCC, KLCC Aquaria. The entrance fee is 38RM per adult. Took some pics and immediately regret not bringing my new camera to KL... Ended up with blurry pics and a need to borrow a friend's pics!

Anyway, here are the pics...

Fresh water section:

Stingrays and other ancient fresh water fish

This is for fish found in the Malaysian waters...

Note the huge catfish at the back

Notice how big red-tailed cats can be... Compare to the araipaima...

Terrarium section:


Water lizard

Chameleon. Very cute and active! :)

Fierce? :p

Frogs, frogs and more frogs!

This frog is HUGE...

Marine section: Its Christmas time!

Lion fish

Shark! Oh, just a harmless Nurse Shark. :)

Shark egg case

Hermit crabs... Look like theland hermits. No wonder so many land hermits were being kept in water and die...

Sea cucumbers

A very cute crab was climbing all over above the exhibit area...


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