Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Singapore fishy tour - Part 3

Hmm... had been a busy week and so forgot to post... :p Where were we? Part 3... Hmm...

From Jln Kayu, we went on to Qian Hu Fish farm at Choa Chu Kang!... Lots and lots of fish there... We first started with the quaratine area, then invaded the sales area, followed by the rest of the farm... Too bad I still din get a chance to see the arrowana ponds... :p

Quarantine areas:

Sales area:

Very pretty fish, but very aggressive:

Display tank at Qian Hu:
Bull frogs!:

From Qian Hu, we proceed to the world famous Gan's Discus and then to Teo's Plant Farm. Ooo... :)

Until next time... :p

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