Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Busy for CNY!

Well, I had been lazy... But still busy with buying stuff and getting the tanks ready for CNY!

The 4 ft tank had a major rescape and is now planted mainly with crypts and tenellus. I will post the pics in the next post... Hopefully the tank will look better then... Photobucket.com is down for maintenance and I can't upload my pics...

The shrimp tank in my room had became sort of like a plant warehouse now, as I prepare to sell my vivarium and then getting a 2ft tank for Endler's livebearers... I will be using hottonia, glosso and ranuchulus in that scape... If you have no idea what I am talking about, its normal. I also recently just learnt the scientific names of the plants! :p

Then I am planning to get a cabinet to hold about 3-4 tanks, so I can at least have a tank for some freshwater blennies and a proper tank for my newts... That has to be after CNY liao! Spent too much $$$ and have tp pace myself... :p

Had I shown these before? :)

The fish didn't last long, though... Pity, they look pretty and are pretty expensive too! :p

I will post pics of the new scape as soon as I can... :) Back to getting the tanks ready for CNY!

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