Saturday, February 25, 2006


Yamato shrimp

This is the famous Yamato Shrimp. Also known as Amano Shrimp, after the famous Mr Takashi Amano (my idol), who introduced the used of this shrimp for algae control. With the introduction of the shrimp, along comes other ornamental shrimps, mostly also for algae control, for the hobby.

This is not the best picture... If I can find a better pic, I will upload it. :) This one, by
the way, is a berried female. That means she is carrying eggs. :)

The eggs will hatch in freshwater but the larvae will only survive in brackish or salt water. There are some reports of minimal survival in freshwater, though... But I am not that interested in breeding them... Besides, now we are pampered with more colourful and smaller ornamental, algae control shrimps that can breed in freshwater! Why bother? :p

I am starting to be busy... But I also managed to take some time to consolidate some tanks and the process start 2 new tanks. I will probably start updating them soon!... :p

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