Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Fish tank affecting Feng Shui?

Do you think fish tanks can really affect a room's Feng Shui?

Since I filled the new 2ft tank with water and shifted the vivarium (temporarily) to the foot of my bed, I had not been sleeping well... And I seem to be plagued with troubles... Hmm...

I think it might be the temporary position of the vivarium tank, rather than the new tank... I always have tanks where the 2ft sits... The vivarium, however, is a different story... It does create a reflection of the bed from where it is sitting now... I hope the cabinets arrive soon... Then I can shift the vivarium... Hopefully I can get a better sleep thereafter! And less troubles! :p

Yes. Its a strong believe in FS studies that fish tank can cause alot of difference in the house FS. Apparently, its not a simple thing to determine but I know that FS believe that a fish tank in bedrooms are a definite no no.
I also agree with jc. If u want, can cover up the tank with a cloth first, to prevent having reflections on the tank.
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