Wednesday, March 08, 2006


New excuse for a new tank... :p

With more work commitment, I am expected to spend more than half the time at another location... Which means a new desk, which is empty now... :p

With me seeking to decommission a 18cm tank at home to consolidate the fish tanks in my room, I think I just found the PERFECT excuse to start a new tank... Haha... At the new desk! :p

Now... Should it be a moss tank? And what fish should I try? Can it handle a group of Endlers? Hmm... My Endler's (with wild guppy coloration) just spawned and I have no space for them... And I just brought back 120 Orange-Chest Endlers, for my new 2ft tank, from a friend who looked after the original 4 pairs just a couple of months ago... *Faintz*... Now suddenly I have too many fish! :p

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