Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Ok... was sick and tied up with some personal matters...

Did a little re-arrangement of my room and a started scaping the vivarium. Some of the more desired plants are not doing as well as expected... Started to re-scape my 4-footer too... Busy busy busy... :p

In the meantime, I will still actively looking for a qualified electrician to have 2 new powerheads installed as I am getting a new tank in. Something happened to my friend's place and unfortunately, he is unable to help me take care of the tank until I got the electrician in and I have to do another round of re-arrangings to my room... :p

I am closing my other blog http://ikanz.blogspot.com and will be shifting the contents over to this blog so as to 1) keep all data and 2) consolidate effort... As such, this blog will cease to be an aquatic blog... :p Which is good... means I can post whatever I want... :p

I just hope I will post more often...

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