Monday, May 08, 2006


Recovering from the other blog... Jurong Point, the new Little India? :p

Jurong Point is 11 years old this year liao... Wah... It has been so long eh?... Have you been to Jurong Point recently? :p

Posted on Wednesday, 15th March 2006

Jurong Point, the new Little India! How's that as a slogan? :P

Nowadays, with the construction work in Jurong area and the dorms being build around Jurong, apparently, bus companies begin to dump Indian foreign workers at Jurong Point for their R&R day!...

Now, on a weekend, you will see hundreds of Indian workers congregating outside Boon Lay MRT station and Jurong Point like they would be at Serangoon Road. It is a little scary... Especially for the younger ladies who need to walk around there...

Ok, I better dun say too much, later I kena from the 'garmen' for no reason...

Some pics of the new Little India... :p

I wonder if you can see the stuff at night... :/

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