Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Caught 'My Sassy Neighbour'... It is funny why people (err... men, I think... :p)would cry shame on a neighbour's porn star daughter and then pay good money to watch her 'in action'...

I know the above applies to men... But this can be extrapoltaed to other episodes in life... And it applies to all, men and women, young and old, straight and gay, husbands and wives, lovers and friends etc... Why so?? Why would you enjoy something, yet dispise the person/event that made you enjoyed whatever you were enjoying??

Like the aunties who secretly love watching the naked guy opposite their falt every morning, yet complain and make noise and even call newspapers when they got sick of the same naked guy... :p Hey, why then would they ONLY complain AFTER the guy got naked infront of them for several months? Haha... :p

Oh, I was reading up Parking Idiots... Damn funny when you see some of the parking idiots... I mean, yes, we sometimes have problems parking within the lot (yes, dun laugh, are you SURE you NEVER had a parking problem? :p), but we will adjust and make sure we park properly what... How can you leave your car in those horrible parking positions featured in the blog!... Anyway, they deserved to have photos of their cars and the lousy (and inconsiderate) parking published in the blog... Keep that up! :)

Ok lah, had not posted in a LONG time... Just want to write some thing... :p Hope you enjoyed this piece... ;)

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