Tuesday, January 02, 2007



Hmm... An update...

I now have 12 tanks!! Breakdown:

Living Room/Balcony
1 x 4ft planted display tank
1 x 2.5ft Sultan Fish tank - working on a plant filter for it soon

1 x 2ft planted tank for Endlers' Livebearers
1 x 2ft vivarium
1 x 2ft terrarium for hermit crabs
1 x 1.5ft planted tank
1 x 1.5ft paludarium (upgrading work in progress)
1 x 20cm dry terrarium for airplants

1 x 2ft vivarium
1 x 9" terrarium
1 x 18cm vivarium
1 x 1.5ft tall terrarium

And I am thinking about sneaking 1 fishtank and a couple more terrariums for office... :p

I think I am CRAZY!...

Pics will be posted later... ;)

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