Sunday, March 11, 2007


I know what I want now...

Yup, I know what I want now. :)

Recently, I had not been active in AQ... Sian... :/

Glad you know what u want... I now jobless and looking for job but enjoy my well deserved rest. : P

A word of caution. Don't get too much into keeping plants as this hobby can spread very fast (more plants, I mean). After a while, I find it a chore just to take care of them (sounds like fishes) since new interests comes up (I now back to my computer stuff, watching anime. Recommend Naruto if u interested) This is what happened to me and I have neglected both my tanks and plants since ...

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Diki... I am already beginning to 'ignore' my fish... LOL!... :p
Well, I not so bad. Starting to get the engine working again as I cleaning up the tanks right now. Still got too much hair algae to kill.
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