Monday, May 14, 2007


Paint my plants... NOT!

The Town Council people FINALLY got the contractors to paint the charred walls and ceilings... BUT they left out the portion that was directly outside my flat that was also affected by the smoke created by the fire... So, my mum called and asked them to re-paint our corridor as well... And the Town Council people says ok... They will get the contractors to do it...

And they did NOT tell us WHEN they will be there... So, imagine, my shock and anger when I returned home late one evening and found the ceiling and walls of my corridor re-painted a fresh coat of paint AND specks of paint ALL OVER my shoes, shoe rack, plant leaves etc!!! They stupid painters painted OVER my chilli plant, snapped a LOGN branch off, splashed paint ALL OVER my beautiful pandan plant and my orchids, mint etc etc!...

And they trampled on my Wandering Jew too!... I was angry and VERY upset!!

I called the Town Council the next day and the officer said she NEEDS to take a look at the place the next day before answering my complaint. And despite telling her no one will be at home, she went with the contractor to my place... She then gave me a call, apologised and said that they can use tinner to remove the paint from the plants but the plants will die... *duh!*... And asked me what do I want from them!!!...

Arrgh!!... I was too busy on Friday, the day she called me to reply her and over the weekend I gave it a thought... Should I ask for an official apology AND compensation??

All these could be avoided IF they had given us at least a day's notice BEFORE they come, paint and all... Now all my precious plants are destroyed... :(

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