Sunday, June 03, 2007


Aquarama 2007 - Part 1 - Behind the Scenes

The last weekend was fun!... :p Not just the fact that I finally can rest better but it was time for the once in 2 years exhibition, Aquarama, to finally happen. :)

As a moderator of AQ, I can go there during the trade days as a member of the press. :)

And so, I managed to capture some pictures before the general public join in the fun...

Queueing up for the registration

Upon entering the exhibition hall... All peace and quiet...

Photographers getting ready to work...

And the behind-the-screens people making sure the place is proper for the weekend...

Ok... that's all for the moment... I will post the pictures of the fish, exhibition stalls and the tanks in the subsequent posts... :)

Thanks for reading!

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