Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Tour of 'Rural' Singapore...Part 3 (Final)

A continuation from here

As we leave the dragonfruit farm, it was WAY past lunch time liao and we still had not had lunch... So, we stopped over at Bollywood Veggies and had lunch there...

We had some unique dishes such as papaya chicken, aloe vera tofu, banana curry, fried mani leave with eggs... Then we had a tour of Ms Singh's BIG plot of farmland... What I liked about visiting her place is the fact that you can see a lot of stuff you can hardly see in Singapore...

These are a few examples...

Lady's fingers
Longan flowers developing into fruits (the developed fruits were too high up...)
Others include padi, gingers, lemongrass, lime, jasmine, dill, pandan, cocoa, coffee, jambu, guava, various species of bananas and various other vegetables...

There were other stuff too, of course...

By now, we were quite exhausted... And HOT!! The sun was working that day and so we decided to wrap up the day by going to the Thomson nurseries... We managed to get some stuff for CNY there (We were there in early Feb). :)
My family were thrilled by Far East Flora's cold room... LOL! It was a cool relieve from the day's trip! :p
Given a choice, they would not leave there till dinner time!
Parting shots:
Lavender plants in pots

Colourful chillies for the next New Year?
Wonder if they are edible...
That's all for the Rural Singapore Tour... Coming soon will be pictures of SBG! :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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